Jeff has seven years of experience predominantly working in pediatric settings with children ranging in age from 3-21 although he does possess experience in mental health and acute/sub-acute rehabilitation settings, as well.

He is certified in therapeutic listening and the Sequential Oral Sensory Approach to assist children in increasing their feeding and eating abilities. Jeff believes in joining each child on their ever changing journey of life and celebrating each small victory along the way. He aims to incorporate and synthesize treatment objectives across disciplines to maximize his client’s functional independence across a variety of functionally based contexts. Furthermore, he believes in a balance of the dynamic systems and intentional relationship model, which places the relationship between therapist and client at the forefront for development of skills.

Jeff enjoys working with all children, and has learned many invaluable lessons. Specifically, Jeffrey has worked with children living with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Gross and Fine motor delays, sensory processing challenges, and challenging behaviors.
During his free time Jeff enjoys fishing, golfing, history, and spending time with close family and friends.